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Motherboard or CPU Replacement - Price on Quotation

Major problems may result in the diagnosis that your motherboard or cpu is unrepairable and the only way that your laptop is going to work again is to replace the motherboard or CPU. If this situation arises, we will advise if we beleive it is economical to do so. Both components are vital to your laptop being able to function and therefore the cost of the part, including fitting costs, can often be expensive. Whilst prices do vary from make/model, it is a major job and therefore often can result in a laptop being 'written off'.

We are as honest as possible and if we beleive you are wasting your money doing this repair we will tell you.

However, should you want to replace the motherboard or CPU, we can order the relevant parts and usually turn around the entire repair within 4-5 Working Days.

Prices (inc. fitting) can be different job to job, depending on how easy it is to obtain a new relevant motherboard or CPU, a quote will be given upon diagnosis.

Motherboard Replacement

CPU Replacement

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