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Xbox One Laser Repair / Replacement
We offer a comprehensive
Xbox 360 laser replacement or repair service. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms then it is possible that the laser is failing or has failed.

  • Games/DVD's freezing during play

  • Games/DVD's not loading

  • Games taking an unusually long time to load and transfer between screens / Title menus

  • Discs not being recognized

  • Xbox One error codes relating to laser issues

  • Discs failing to 'spin up'

These are just some of the common symptoms of laser failure. If you are unsure please contact us and we can help
determine you problem.

Not all laser issues require laser replacement, often laser maintenance / cleaning can resolve some of these issues
if the laser is in good physical condition.

Booting Issues

  • Xbox 'Green Screen' Stuck

  • Console not booting

  • Error Codes relating to Hard Drive Issues

Contact us for full details regarding pricing. Details can be found here.

 Call us on 01902 893844 or 01902 761802   Email:    Find us on Twitter on @wombournepc

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